Jeep Tour& Dune Drive

Enjoy an adrenaline rush as our experienced drivers take you on an exhilarating jeep drive in the golden smooth sandy dunes outside the resort. The dune ride is definitely not for the feint hearted.  Nevertheless, if for any reason you would rather opt to a calm ride, our drivers will adjust the speed and path to suite your comfort allowing you to calmly explore the magnificent sites at your own pace.

-Sunset Tour (Two hour)
-Sunrise Tour (Two hour)
-Full Day Tour (Six Hour)

Camel Ride


Camel riding is a traditional way of transportation for Bedouins since early days and a symbol of the Arabian heritage.   A camel ride by a beach resort or in any other place is nothing but a fun short ride but a camel ride in Wadi Rum takes you back in time to an era of history where the traders, filled with dreams of prosperity, rode their camels for days and days through these mountains and deserts. In Wadi Rum, you will ride that path and experience the miraculous journey where humans and nature carved their paths on this desert habitat.

-Sunrise Tour (One hour)
-Full Day Tour (One Hour)

Buggies Drive

If you are looking for action and adventure, book a buggy ride. After all who said the sand dunes could not be just as fun as the ocean. Ride along and enjoy the beautiful and playful sand dunes that Wadi Rum has to offer.

Hiking, Trekking, Climbing

Wadi rum trekking is one of the best ways to discover Wadi rum desert. Get your gear ready and enjoy the desert’s finest details rock to rock and explore the nature carving its footprints on these mountains leaving wonderful trails for the explorer to wonder.

Hot Air Balloon

Take a bird's eye view of the beautiful scenery of the majestic mountains in Wadi Rum by climbing into a hot air balloon in a journey that is adventurous and safe at the same time. At Sun City Camp, we take our guests’ safety seriously, thus to enjoy such an experience a pre-booking is required ahead of time to coordinate with our rigorously selected partners to provide a  safe journey filled with joy, excitement and pure fascinations.

Star Gazing

Stars are always amusing but the stars in Wadi Rum are particularly exceptional as the serenity of the desert gives them that extra shine and mystery. You can enjoy this scenery from anywhere in the desert but if you would like to gaze at the stars from your bed, then one of our Martian rooms will give you a glance at the glamorous stars until you emerge into your sleep.

Sand Dunes Area:

Climb up, run or roll down the soft red sand dunes and have fun.


Anfeeshiah Inscription:

Bedouin and historical caravan’s inscriptions carved on the mountains.


Um Frouth Rock Bridge:

Climb this rock arch and have your picture taken while you are on the bridge


Burdah Rock Bridge:

It is the biggest arch in the desert and it takes 3 hours of climbing to be on top of the bridge. What a feeling to be on that arch!


The Little Bridge:

It the smallest rock arch and a panoramic spot for a memorable photo.


Jabel Um Addami:

It is the highest mountain in Jordan and takes approximately 4 hours to reach the summit. It is located near the Saudi Broder with Jordan. There, you will have magical view of the desert and you will get a sense of feeling on top of the world.


Barrah Canyon:

It is a long canyon closed from both sides and takes around one hour walk to cross it.


Sunset Area:

Wadi Rum offers a magical opportunity to enjoy solemn and sacred moments watching the sun setting in the desert, while gently painting the skies, sand dunes and mountains with the beautiful warm colors of Arabia. There, you will leave the stress of modern life and enjoy the peacefulness and tranquility of the desert of Wadi Rum.